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                                                                Hand crafted products made in Rockaway Beach Mo. U.S.A.
We now offer the "bill me later" paypal option found on the store page. Please check out the install page before installing a part. Turn around times on orders will be 2-3 weeks. Thanks, Mike

Shift Boots, Padded Leather Console Armrest covers and E-Brake Boots and Covers for Mustangs

WELCOME to our site. Because there are so many pics and so much info on this site we really recommend using a PC to navigate the pages easier. Use the pink navigation bar to check out the pages. You`ll find lots of pics of the parts on page 2 and the customer photo pages. Then treat yourself to a awesome leather interior upgrade part made with pride in the U.S.A.

Contact us on the store page if you would like a free sample sent with the material and/or colored stitching you want to see. We use USPS First Class shipping free to U.S.  Due to new postal rates Canada and all other countries will be billed separate for shipping. please contact us. 

Outstanding parts for 94-2010+ Mustangs

You can find us as supporting/service vendors and see posts, pics and comments from customers and forum members about our parts on forums under interior upgrades for 05-09 stangs found here:
Upgrade your console
and in the 10-14 interior upgrades found here:
Upgrade your console

This is a really good forum that is free to join.
You can join and contact us through the forums with a personal message (pm) or with the contact us button on the store page, which i will return with personal email, and if you let me know i`ll be happy to call anyone in the U.S. on the phone :)

Here is a list of the parts we have. The complete list of our parts with pics can be found on the online store page or you can click one of the links below for a specific part.

Padded leather console armrest covers for 1994-2004 SN95 mustangs $70

Leather shift boot for the SN95 Mustang oem shifters  $55

Leather E-Brake Boot for SN95 New Edge 01-04 mustangs $65

Padded leather console armrest covers for 2005-2009 S197 mustangs $70

Padded vinyl  console armrest covers for 2005-2009 S197 mustangs $50

Padded Alcantara console armrest covers for 05-09 S197 mustangs $95

(This option is found as a texture option after selecting the leather cover, on the drop down menu of the store page)

Padded Alcantara & Leather console armrest cover 05-09 mustangs $80/85

Leather shift boots for 2005-2009 S197 mustang oem manual  shifters
(comes with the O-ring already in the top) $45
Note: This boot will not fit the Bullitt  shifter with the 1/2" hole, but we can make the bullitt boot with the small hole. Contact us if interested.

Alcantara shift boots for 2005-2009 S197 mustang oem shifters
(comes with the oring already in the top)  $65

(This option is found as a texture option after selecting the shift boot, on the drop down menu of the store page)

Leather shift boot for the 05-09 TCI ratchet shifter. The Streetfighter comes with a nice leather boot, but you can now change the stitching color to match our other parts $40

Leather E-Brake lever and grip full cover for the 2005-2009 S197 $55
Alcantara/Leather full E-Brake cover for the 2005-2009 S197   $65

Leather E-Brake lever cover up to grip (3/4 cover) for use with custom grips or by itself $45.

Alcantara & Leather E-Brake up to grip (3/4 cover) $50


Leather E-Brake boots for the 2010+ S197 mustangs $60

Alcantara E-brake boots for the 2010+mustangs $75

Leather Shift boots for the 2010+ S197 mustangs $45

Alcantara Shift boots for the 2010+ mustangs $65

Padded Leather or Alcantara Console Covers for 2010+ mustangs $85

Padded Leather/Alcantara mixed Console Armrest Covers $101

PLEASE check out the "how to install" page for tips on a quality installation :)

Latest Braking News!!

*****NEW*****Its Here!!  05-09 factory OEM seat grade leather. We have charcoal,                               crimson red and med parchment pebble in stock.                                               This is a awesome option along side our aftermarket
                      leathers and have been added to the drop down option lists on the store
                      page. These leather colors and grains will be spot on and perfect for the                         armrest covers. Due to the thickness of the material, we cant use it for the                       e-brake covers or shift boots. The afermarket pebble is awesome for                               those parts :)

*****NEW***** SN95 model Mustang Padded Leather Console Armrest
                       Covers and Leather shift boots now for sale on the
                       online store page. The oem replacement leather E-Brake boot
                       for the New Edge models is now available.

*****NEW***** Now in stock, Black and Charcoal Alcantara from
                       Italy, this is the real deal.
                       Now in stock, Charcoal Perforated Alcantara !! Make no mistake, the                              Alcantara looks good in any car ;)

*****NEW***** 2010+ Padded Leather Console Armrest Covers, E-Brake boots
                       (comes with a top stitched center seam, or without)
                       and Shift boots. Now available in 3 OEM charcoal  leather grains,
                       Alcantara and Leather/Alcantara mixed.                              


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